Private Label (Eng)


Conel BV is a company that is engaged, besides his own brands, in the development, production and sales of private labels in clothing for various market segments.

We deliver in the Netherlands and other European countries to stores, online webshops, shipping companies, etc. In our office in Zwolle we have access to four showrooms where we can show you our options. Here you can choose from a permanent collection or you can, in consultation with us, develop a distinctive and unique product. Your idea will then be leading to us.

Conel BV has a joint venture with our fellow Fashion Power company in Hangzhou China . A company with which we are already linked for more than 20 years and the relationship is linked to friendship level. Great advantage is that we can move quickly and to reach both on quality and on price level . You can imagine that this is an advantage in difficult situations.

Added value of Conel BV is our artistic, creative and organizational input which certainly qualitiesshould also be considered. Our logistic (door to door ! )


Conel BV has a team with a great creative power who are always aware of the latest trends and developments in the field of fashion. Added value is the styling department in Hangzhou with its international orientation. We bring together trends or your idea into a competitive product .


Conel BV regulates, supervises and controls from the Netherlands and China throughout the production, transport , customs clearance and all the fuss around it. As mentioned, door to door service, one less worry for you